Policy Page

The first thing to remember about pottery is that it is made of clay. While clay has been used since the civilization of man - it is breakable. However, we still use pottery that is 20 to 30 years old. With care and proper use, you can enjoy your pottery for years too.
With proper usage, we will replace your pottery within the first 3 months. (Dropping it doesn't count.) if it breaks in shipping a claim must be made with your post office first. Finally, we still get asked about lead content. In over 30 years of working in pottery, we don't know of anyone in the U.S. using lead glazes. We mix our own glazes and would not risk contaminating ourselves, our employees, or our valuable customers. We love our work and like talking about it. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at (573) 221-6960 or by email at info@ayerspottery.com.

Color Variations will occur from one kiln firing to another. There are so many factors to how colors turn out in a firing. 

Tips to help you enjoy your pottery:
• Treat pottery with care. Don't bang against granite counter-tops nor when loading dishwashers or storing in cabinets.
• The biggest pottery stressor is temperature extremes. Never put anything frozen on pottery to heat in oven! Never put cold pottery from fridge to hot oven. Always start at room temperature.
• Microwave use! We no longer guarantee that your pottery will come out of the microwave in one piece. The wattage on microwaves these days are so strong the pottery can't handle being heated up so quickly. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
It is VERY important to understand that broken pottery is SHARP!