Red Splash Serving Platter

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These Platters are:

-Approximately 15" diameter and 1 3/4'' deep.
-Food safe & lead free
-Oven safe & dishwasher safe!

Each Platter is wheel-thrown by me and then glazed and fired in my custom glazes. All our glazes are mixed in house according to my own recipes. As with all of my pottery, each piece is created individually allowing each piece to be unique from the next. The picture shown is a representation of the piece you will receive. The actual size will have a slight variance but nothing you would notice unless they were next to each other. Glaze colors vary depending on how thick or thin on the piece and how the firing performs. I promise to send you my best pieces!

Serve all of your favorites like entrees, side dishes, arrange deserts beautifully, the possibilities are endless

Any cutting board, wooden spoons, cooking utensil, or whisk will not be included in your purchase.